Join Dr. Reddy's in South Africa

Dr Reddy's in South Africa

Help us make the world a healthier place

Every day, patients across the world trust us with their health. We have earned this trust through a single-minded commitment to personal integrity, product quality and organizational transparency.

You will become part of a team that does not believe in compromises in the pursuit of short-term success.

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Why join Dr Reddy's...

Become part of a team that cares

We are committed to the safety and well-being of every employee. In each of our plants, work sites, offices and out in the field, we believe in taking care of each other. And collectively, we are committed to taking care of the communities where we operate. You will become part of a team that cares.

Enjoy professional freedom to create impact

We will provide the space and freedom for you to experiment, innovate and put your talents to work. You will have the opportunity to unleash your potential and create impact in any area you happen to work.

Expect to be treated with respect

We believe in respecting every individual, regardless of the position. You will be heard and will have the opportunity to express your opinion. You will have the freedom to interact with any of our leaders. In turn, your colleagues will expect you to be equally accessible and respectful.

Learn continually, excel and grow

We work at the frontiers of knowledge and irrespective of the field you choose you will be exposed to some of the finest thinking in the world. You will be actively supported in your development and will have access to leading-edge learning resources.

Who we are

Dr Reddy's Laboratories (Pty) Ltd, SA, is a part of a fully integrated USD 2.2 billion global pharmaceutical enterprise (Dr Reddy's Lab), headquartered in India. Listed on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Dr Reddy's Lab has USFDA approved API and Finished Dosage manufacturing facilities that cater to a wide sales and distribution network spread across the globe. Dr Reddy's Lab employs more than 20,000 full-time professionals and is present in 20+ countries worldwide. Additionally Dr Reddy's Lab supplies API to 80+ countries.

Dr. Reddy's – South Africa operation is a wholly-owned subsidiary and one of the leading generics players in the country. With a dedicated field force we focus on key therapeutic areas like Central Nervous System (CNS) and Primary Care (PC). We have recently diversified into Medical Devices and are keenly waiting for a strong Oncology portfolio to be added in FY19. Our advantageous position is ensured through the presence of key contributors in our business model. Our Research & Development capability helps us ensure enhanced FTL Opportunities through non-infringing products and supports differentiation with products and competitors. Alongside, our in-house API manufacturing capabilities assure cost competitiveness in both private and tender based markets.

Dr Reddy's in South Africa

Dr Reddy's in South Africa

Our Formulation capabilities and strong business development team ensure high-quality in-house product pipeline, shape licensing strategy to maximize market share and enrich the product basket. Not the least, our committed field force has been extremely successful in penetrating our targeted segments of the market.

Learn more about our initiatives

Dr Reddy's initiatives
Dr Reddy's initiatives
Dr Reddy's initiatives

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Good health can't wait

Our belief

Good health can't wait.

Our belief is rooted in our empathy with our patients and partners. It stems from our deep understanding of patient needs, and our determination to meet those needs by resolving challengeds that only a few can. Our belief rests on our dynamism in serving the unmet and under-met needs with speed and agility.

Good health

Good health is always the goal. We are in the business of good health, and we don't see medicines as just molecules, but as tools that will help people get back their health and promote wellness among them.

Can't wait

Can't Wait captures our commitment to act with speed, along with our partners, to find innovative solutions that address the unmet and under-met need of patients, and accelerate access to much-needed medicines to a large number of people around the world.

Our purpose

We accelerate access to affordable and innovative medicines because GOOD HEALTH CAN'T WAIT.

Our behaviours

Brand is just not what we say. It is what we do. It is what our customers experience from us. Our behavior must be consistent in order for us to deliver on our promises and live our brand belief across all touchpoints.

The more focused and inspired our behavior is, the stronger the bond, the richer the relationship with our customers.

Reach out to understand

Be empathetic to the needs of our people, partners and patients. Engage meaningfully, going beyond the stated and the obvious to develop a holistic view of their needs.

Do things differently

Innovate in ways which are meaningful. Spot opportunities, experiment, take risks, empower our teams and find a way to tackle the toughest challenges.

Be the first to respond and the fastest to act

Have a sense of urgency in the way we think, act and communicate. Create simple plans and processes and take ownership for their timely execution.


Question and eliminate what is not essential within our systems, processes, roles and communications to become ever more dynamic and human.

Create share success

Create a culture that values teamwork while acknowledging individual excellence. Collaborate across our businesses and with our partners to create shared value.

Our values

Our patients trust our medicines, and we believe that this trust must be earned every single day. Each of us at Dr. Reddy's is driven by the belief that Good Health Can't Wait. Acting with empathy and dynamism, we continually remind ourselves that the interest of our patients always come first. In pursuit of our belief, we will create an environment of innovation and learning, as we push ourselves to reach higher levels of excellence.

Integrity and transparency

Uphold the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all our conversations.


Strive to achieve more with less through a culture of innovation, continuous improvements and sustained focus on elimination of waste.


Remain committed to providing safe working environments through continuous improvements of our infrastructure, work practices and behaviors.

Respect for the individual

Stay committed to creating a work environment that encourages diverse perspectives and upholds the dignity of work and of individuals.


Be dedicated to designing quality into our products and processes to meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy.

Collaboration and teamwork

Leverage expertise and resources from across our global network to create greater value for our stakeholders.


Create value for all our stakeholders in a manner that respects our natural environment and serves the best interest of all.

Our principles

Our principles provide both guidance for our current behavior and inspiration for our future actions. The help us guide in living up to our brand belief at every touch point we have identified two principles:

  • EMPATHY We understand the needs of our patients and partners better than other &
  • DYNAMISM We solve challenged that only a few can, and do this with agility.

Our promises

What does it mean for our patients and partners? Our Purpose is about why we do what we do, Our Promise make clear what we do and will always be the reason why our customers choose use over the others.

  • Bringing expensive medicine within reach.
  • Helping patients manage disease better.
  • Address unmet patient needs.
  • Enable and help our partners ensure that our medicines are available when needed.
  • Work with partners and help them succeed.

Working for us

Irene Gibson, Professional Sales Representative

"...a company that has built a family where every individual is valuable..."

- Irene Gibson, Professional Sales Representative
Faaik Toefy, Regional Sales Manager

"... at DRL I am free to express my views and challenge the status quo ..."

- Faaik Toefy, Regional Sales Manager
Kamantha Peters, Regulatory Head

"... a one-in-a-million employer to be associated with, that is caring for customers and employees alike... "

- Kamantha Peters, Regulatory Head
Brendon Meintjes, Professional Sales Representative

"... an environment that fosters healthy competition and mutual trust..."

- Brendon Meintjes, Professional Sales Representative
Our aim is to become one of the leading global generics companies providing tough-to-make and truly differentiated products that meet patients' unmet needs.

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